Hello world!

Welcome to my modeling blog. Does the internet need another modeling blog? No doubt, it does not. So what will this page offer that others don’t? Perhaps little more than a portfolio of my own work, but in the process I hope to show casual modelers, young modelers, and other folks who don’t take this hobby too seriously, that you don’t need to be too pedantic to produce a nice representation of a real tank, aircraft, car, ship, or whatever else you wish to build.

There are plenty of pages out there for people who wish to know how to superdetail their kits, and how to track down the historic photo which will show exactly what a particular finish looked like. There is nothing wrong with seeking that level of detail, but that part of the modeling community is already being served by sites like http://www.armorama.com http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com http://www.planetarmor.com and many many more.

All three of those sites are great sites, and feature great tips, and great forums. But that type of modeling is not for everybody. I’m one of those people who enjoys a kit for a what it is; a fun project which hopefully will look nice sitting on my display shelf. I will put in the effort to make things looks as good as I can, and if the kit has some glaring omissions, then I will try to fix them. For the most part though, I’m of the opinion that if it looks right, it is right.

With that said, I tend to gravitate towards older, simpler kits. While I will on occasion build one of the very expensive super-kits coming out of China and Japan,  I am far more likely to grab an old English or American (or French or Italian or whatever) beater model, and try to turn it into something impressive. It doesn’t take a great expensive kit to produce a great looking model.

A 1/35th scale Dragon Panzer Ia built in 2008 qualifies as a super kit. This is built right from the box and brush painted

A 1/72 scale Polish 7TP tank built from a cheap and simple Mirage kit

I hope that the techniques I show on this site can help other casual and younger modelers that they too can produce fine work, and that you don’t need to invest into aftermarket products and fancy expensive tools to make a nice kit.

I also hope to show the more serious modelers who have lost sight of the fun that this hobby can bring, that they too don’t need to spend months researching a topic, and then replacing every .5mm hex-bolt and wingnut in order create a nice model.

As this blog evolves, I intend for it to feature build-logs, kit reviews, occasional musings, and how-to articles. It will also serve as a gallery of my own work. If readers wish to contribute articles, they should contact me directly at the link onscreen


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