How much do you build? Rambling Random Thoughts For This Week.

A question to my readers (I think there are upwards of five of you now!)

How often do you model?

Sometimes real-life gets in the way of our hobbies, but I wonder how much leisure time folks spend on building? My wife and I don’t have children, and we rent an apartment, so we don’t have to worry about taking care of little ones or of doing yard-work, or doing fixer-upper type things around the house. I have a dissertation that eats up a good bit of time, but we still have a lot of leisure time. Sometimes we spend it by going out with friends, watching movies, playing video-games, or spending time at the gym, or what have you. I also spend time making music, and practicing with my band, but both of us probably spend 75% of our free-time with our hobbies. For her that means knitting, for me its my plastic tanks and airplanes.

This came to me after looking at people’s 2010 modeling yearbooks on several modeling forums. The number of kits completed per year ranged from 0 to around 100, but for the most part ranged between 12 and 20 models. I built 24 kits last year, but had I not rushed on a few, I most likely would have fallen squarely into the 12-20 range.

If the other people who fall into that category build at about the rate that I do, then it probably averages out to 2-3 hours per evening for perhaps 9 months out of a year (not necessarily contiguously). That is a very unscientific and untested assumption. Instead, its based on my output from last year. I spent a lot of time at the workbench from January to March, then built nothing until July when things picked up again, and kept running at full tilt until right before Christmas.

I wonder how that compares to other builders. I wonder if the guys who produce one or two kits per year, typically build very deliberately and slowly, or if they just don’t have much time to build. I imagine both scenarios exist. I’d also be very interested to hear from those who are able to produce well over fifty kits per year. How much of your leisure time do you spend building?

Also would love to hear if your building episodes are punctuated by long breaks, or if you tend to keep a steady pace, barring real life interruptions.

Please share your thoughts. and vote in the poll below.
Remember, this is just to incite conversation, so no harsh judgments of each others habits.


3 thoughts on “How much do you build? Rambling Random Thoughts For This Week.

  1. I try to do a little modelling after the kids are in bed. This probably is 90 minutes on a good night, but sometimes is just a few minutes, or even none at all. Say an average of 5-6 hours per week. If that keeps up, I can build a single engined WW2 aircraft in about three weeks, about 15-18 hours per build. I’m brush painting and don’t use spray cans (yet).

  2. It’s taken me around 2 months to start building a spitfire but I’m starting from scratch – this will be my first ever proper build to complete as I abandoned a previous one. I build maybe every other weekend if I get the time. But I *think* about my build for longer, so I’m not sure if that counts in the overall workload model!
    Good luck with the dissertation btw, although I can’t advise on models I can give encouragement on theses, so keep going with that one!

  3. It’s hard to come up with a definite answer because sometimes I can go a couple of weeks modelling an hour a night and a couple of hours on a Saturday & Sunday but sometimes I get no time at all. I have other hobbies and a couple of kids and sometimes I’m more motivated than others to tackle a kit.
    The output depends on the complexity of the kit I guess. I could probably knock up (maybe that’s the wrong expression!) 20 1/72 WWII planes in less than a year but I like doing 1/72 and 1/48 planes from different eras aswell as the odd car so I think I’m loking at 10 – 15 models a year.

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