First build of 2011 completed

January of 2011 has been a strange month in terms of model building. I spend the first two weeks waffling from one project to another, unsure what to devote my efforts and time to. This was followed by a week or two of several setbacks, and an ever shrinking will to continue working on anything. So I opted for a kit that would fit well, and have a simple finish. I chose the 1/72 Academy P-40E. I suppose the kit is too young to qualify as a classic. It was produced in the Mid 1990s when Academy finally started to come into its own.

The kit is not perfect, as it has shape problems, and the decals were somewhat problematic. Still, this kit is just what the doctor ordered.

So, if you are a reader in the future, reading this many years since 2011, go ahead and consider this kit a classic.


3 thoughts on “First build of 2011 completed

  1. Hi Soft!

    It´s a pleasure to visit youe site!

    I was reading your comment about the time each one of us spent in the work bench, and the average builds for year…
    In my case it range from none, to 4, 5, 6 as a maximum!
    I got tendency to not start complex buildings… but this is JUST what alllllways happends!
    So, I start a kit´s like the ex Matchbox Beaufighter (

    Thinking is a cheap, and easy kit, just to paint and build as when I was a child!!!!

    But after the start, I think, “if a do that, but just that probably looks better…”

    The rest is on the tread, very enjoyable work, but this work can take me from 2 month, to the complete year!

    Usually, and now with 42 years over my shoulder, I look at the stash and think “probably I die before make all this kits!”

    But, I still buy from time to time, and now I try to build one or two hours every 2 or 3 days, any way, after finish a kit, I take a rest about one month untill “inspiration comes” (or pieces, I live in a country with NO hobby shop´s!) here are just little shops with “some” stuff, always not what you need!

    Best regards


    • Henry,

      Thanks for the comments. I have been following your Beaufighter and now Mosquito builds on UAMF. You are an amazingly talented modeler.

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