On the Go at the Mo’

Hey gang,

In the interest of increasing audience participation I want to open up another poll of sorts on the site. I currently have to classic kits on the go; Tamiya’s 1970s era A6M2 Zero, in 1/48, and Smer’s Mig-17, also in 1/48.

The Zero may be done as soon as this coming weekend and a build review will follow, but I wanted to open up the vote to ask what you, the readers would like to see a reviewed next. In the poll is a list of classic kits in my stash. If there is something you would like to see that is not in the list, than make a suggestion in the comments. I’ll take a look for said kit next time I visit a hobby shop.


2 thoughts on “On the Go at the Mo’

  1. I went with the Meteor Softscience because it’s my favourite of those on offer. However as I’m trying to reduce my stash and won’t be buying for some time any review is fine with me. I’ll just store it for a later date!

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