Its been a long time

Hello readers,

Its been a bit of time since I have posted anything on this page. This mainly on account of the fact that I haven’t been building much in the way of what I would call classic kits for a while now. I have been working on a number of modeling projects, but most have been newer kits like the Airfix Spitfire Mk I in 1/72.

This is a lovely little kit, which costs next to nothing, and is easy to build into a very presentable model of what is perhaps the most attractive aircraft to ever have flown.


The kit took perhaps a week to build and paint, and I really have no complaints about it.

I didn’t use any filler, the level of detail was more than sufficient for this scale, and Airfix seems to finally be getting control on the panel line widths in their newer releases. Some may argue the lines are still too deep, but I think their depth negates the need for washes or any some such.

This kit really shows what Airfix is capable of, and puts some of their other newer releases to shame. Word is out on the street that an Mk I/II kit is now available. It is essentially the same mould, with some new optional parts and decals. I certainly think it is worth purchasing.

I will end this post by asking if any of you are familiar with setting up a thumbnail gallery in wordpress. The gallery page is getting ungodly long, and I don’t really want to set up multiple gallery pages. I would greatly appreciate any help


2 thoughts on “Its been a long time

  1. Very nice Softscience. This kit is definitely one on my wishlist but I want to reduce the size of my stash first!
    What did you use for the radio wire?

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