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2011, The Year of Indecision

Last day of the year, and it was a difficult one. A few things happened in real life this year which were less than pleasant. I won’t go into detail, but I will point out how the models I was working on while going through these events strongly remind me of what I felt at the time. So much so, that I began considering putting these kits out to pasture.

While going through these builds I began to look back on my modeling output for this year. I completed 18 kits; 11 1/72 scale aircraft, one 1/72 scale tank, two 1/35 scale tanks, and four 1/48 scale aircraft. There were at least a dozen other projects which I had either started this year, or continued to work on but didn’t finish. Among these were my two oldest in-progress builds: a Hasegawa B-26 I began in the fall of 2007, and an Esci F-5B first dabbled with in 2005. The B-26 is close to being done, the F-5, not so much.

Besides spitfires, of which I completed three, and almost finished a fourth, the common theme for this year was indecision. I bounced around from one project to another, unable to focus on any particular one. Modeling stops being fun when this happens, and often times, the kits suffer as a result. I ended up destroying two in-progress models, and canning a completed project mere months after it was done. Two of the four 48th scale planes will probably be scrapped for parts as well.

While I can’t foresee what 2012 will be like, I know one thing I can do to make it more fun is to not get so bogged down by multiple projects on the go. No more than two at at a time. Consider it a resolution.


One comment on “2011, The Year of Indecision

  1. 18 is a great output for the year. I hope 2012 turns out easier for you. I also hope you continue making kits as I find your builds always have useful information about them and I think you’d be a loss to the community if you did ditch the hobby.

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