Pre-2011 Gallery

This gallery will feature photos of classic (and sometimes just old) models I have completed. The first few entries were photographed prior to my establishing the site, and some of the models are no longer in my collection. I am including a brief musing on each. The whole point of this exercise is to demonstrate that old models can be built up into nice models. So lets begin.

Esci 1/72 Valentine. This kit is one of the many small scale armor kits released by Esci in the late 1970s, and early 1980s. Its not as detailed as more recent armor kits, but as far as classic small scale AFVs go, Esci is the only one really worth considering. As much as I like Airfix kits, their 1/76 tanks are far too basic for my tastes.

1/72 Airfix Mosquito NF XIX. I’m of two minds about this model. I think the Airfix kit captures the lines of the mosquito better than Tamiya’s somewhat anemic looking models, but it really could use a better canopy, and I think the bull-nose is misshapen

Airfix 1/72 DH Vampire in Swedish markings. Early 2007 build

Tamiya 1/48 Buffalo. This is a lovely classic from Tamiya. Lots of masking, but lots of fun

Airfix 1/72 Spitfire I. One of the most beloved kits in the world. I’ve built it at least three times, and I’ll probably build more

Heller 1/72 Moraine Saulnier something or other. I won this kit as a prize in a group build at one of the big forums. Fun build, I would love to see it rereleased

The oldish Revell SR-71. Even in 1/72 this thing is a monster

The old Matchbox Lysander in 1/72. Revell recently repopped the mould.

the old Tamiya Sdkfz 222 or somesuch. In 1/35. This was the only photo I got before this model was lost, along with many others in the mail.

Classic Airfix 1/72 Buffalo. Fun kit, but needs lots of TLC. Decals suck.

November 4th Update

The Babs recon aircraft by LS in 1/72. Very nice kits by LS, and cheap to boot.

Monogram’s classic P-40B/C in 1/48. Great kit considering its age. Has some fit problems, but they’re easy enough to fix

One of my absolute best models. This little anti-tank gun is from a 1/72 Esci kit

My first failed kit of 2010. The Heller Hurricane IIc in 1/72, converted to a Hurricane IV. That finish looks like hell when viewed up close

The 1/72 Esci Matilda. I love these tiny tanks!

Revell/Monogram 1/48 P-39 Aircobra. Great classic kit. See my review at

Novo’s (ex Frog) 1/72 Miles Magister. It hangs from my ceiling, and should never be viewed from less than 3 feet away. What a mess

Airfix’s aweful IL-2 built as a nightfighter. Check out the build log on this blog

Airfix’s 1/48 Mosquito PR…uhm XVI I believe. I love mossies, but this model almost ended up in the trash on several occasions. It bulds into a nice model, but it was NOT a fun build

Airfix’s 1/48 Hurricane. A gold star classic. The only modifications I needed to do was to drill out the shell ejection chutes under the wings. Tricky but not too bad.

Heller (Airfix Rebox) 1/72 Tempest. The model is reviewed elsewhere on this blog


6 thoughts on “Pre-2011 Gallery

  1. Hi Ralph. Splendid Blog. Love the rich colors. And i am not blowing sunshine anywhere when I say that.

    Nice collection going also.

  2. Hi Softscience,

    Most impressive gallery. Many things stood out for me but I have a question on the SR-71. What paint did you use for the black and how did you get that finish? Mattcote? I presume it was airbrushed. I have this in the stash, hence my interest in that particular one.

  3. Hi Narayan, welcome to the blog!

    The SR-71 was painted with a flat black, and then had some panels masked and painted a flat black with a few drops of white added to it. Then it was sprayed with a semi-gloss coat, and some parts were further buffed with a cotton cloth. Check out Dirkpit’s SR-71 on UAMF; his approach to the finish was even better.

  4. Hi;
    for the record : it’s NOT a Morane Saulnier something but a Dewoitine 501 (or 510, it depends on some tiny details)
    I like Airfix products but I love much more the Frog one’s (nostalgia, nostalgia) !
    I ‘m dying to see some of your new releases !

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