Kit Reviews

Its been a long time

Hello readers, Its been a bit of time since I have posted anything on this page. This mainly on account of the fact that I haven’t been building much in the way of what I would call classic kits for a while now. I have been working on a number of modeling projects, but most […]

Heller’s 1:72 Tempest

Heller were/are great! During the 1970s and into the 1980s, Heller released some terrific model aircraft, ships and armor. Their 1/72 aircraft in particular, are noteworthy. First and foremost, they produced a nice line of aircraft of the 1920s ans 1930s, and planes of the Polish, French, and Swedish airforces. All of which I find […]

Messerschmitt Madness

Perhaps it is serendipitous that I completed both my new Airfix Messerschmitts within days of one another. I certainly didn’t plan on it. The builds began about two months apart from one another; the 109 featured yesterday, on about the second or third of January, and the BF-110 discussed below, sometime in November of 2010. […]

A modern classic from Airfix

When Airfix first announced a new mould BF-109 E in 1/48 I wasn’t particularly taken by it. I thought, there are plenty of nice 109 kits out there already, what might Airfix provide that they don’t? The answer it turned out, is very simple. Options and a low price. There are actually two kits available, […]

Kit Review: The Airfix Mosquito B. XIV/ PR XIV in 1/48

To many, classic kits are synonymous with 1/72 scale; however, there are a great many classics in the other major (and not so major) scales. In addition to their extensive line of 1/72 aircraft, Airfix has produced, and continues to produce, many airplanes in 1/48 scale; not to mention their 1/24 airplane superkits. The 1/48 […]

Airfix’s New Tool Mig-15

This is the first of what will hopefully be many build reviews on this blog. Airfix’s new Mig-15 was recently released to generally favorable reviews, and hopefully is a glimpse of things to come from them. The kit features approximately 50 parts in a robust kid-friendly plastic, a nice clear canopy, the deeply recessed panel […]