Sprue Cutters Union #15: Outstanding Models

I missed last week’s entry on account of lack of time to formulate a well thought out response, but I hope this week’s Sprue Cutters Union topic generates interest amongst readers.  This week’s question is simple: what makes an outstanding model? The answer is not so simple however. Having read the other union members’ replies, […]

Jet bottom blues

Modeling modern military aircraft is not all “spray it with gray, and call it a day”. I actually don’t build that many jets because I find some aspects of their construction to be tedious and frustrating.  This largely is due to the number of parts that need to be added after the model is painted. […]

Sprue Cutter’s Union #13: Preparation

Jon B., over at the has introduced a fun shared feature, where various modeling bloggers participate in a weekly discussion/shared topic. This is the first one I am participating in. Check out his site, and the links therein to see what the previous discussions were about. Some of them are pretty interesting. The topic […]

How much do you build? Rambling Random Thoughts For This Week.

A question to my readers (I think there are upwards of five of you now!) How often do you model? Sometimes real-life gets in the way of our hobbies, but I wonder how much leisure time folks spend on building? My wife and I don’t have children, and we rent an apartment, so we don’t […]

Runaway modeling

No, not runway modeling, runaway modeling. I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a fairly comfortable life, with a good job, a good wife, a healthy social life, and many interests and activities outside of gluing plastic. But I do have a propensity to blow huge chunks of time at the work bench (and […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my modeling blog. Does the internet need another modeling blog? No doubt, it does not. So what will this page offer that others don’t? Perhaps little more than a portfolio of my own work, but in the process I hope to show casual modelers, young modelers, and other folks who don’t take this […]