You might be on a model building forum if…

  1. The original poster’s question has been answered in full, but 25 other guys have to show off that they also know the answer, so they answer it again.
  2. You ask how to improve some aspect of an older kit or tool you own, and the first reply is to buy the newer, better kit/tool.
  3. Somebody tells you your latest build is unrealistic because you didn’t use the latest en-vogue weathering technique.
  4. Some guy responds to every gallery post he sees with nothing but the most superlative hyperbole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The quality of the build doesn’t seem to matter.
  5. An otherwise solid guy uses the term “noice!” all of the time.  He’s a really nice guy, so you don’t want to call him out on it, but dammit that looks silly – its something only dude-bros and spazzes should say.
  6. The blockhead who criticizes every new release for minor inaccuracies, doesn’t seem to actually build any models. Ever.
  7. When you see a model with visible seam-lines, wiggly canopy frames, and a 5 mm thick coat of shiny enamel, and offer polite creative criticism on how the modeler can improve his future work – you’re called out for being mean
  8. WeEd_LoRd69_420 appears out of nowhere and starts panhandling for free models.
  9. The dramatic keyboard warrior who always picks fights with others, gets boxed into a logic corner, and cries that the others are mean to him
  10. Some ding-dong (often same as #9) keeps making noise about how he’s going to leave the forum, because it sucks, and the mod is unfair, just never seems able to leave.Don’t take any of what I said too seriously. Forums are great.  They seem to be slowly going the way of the mammoth, and it is really a shame. Avoid the wasteland that is facebook (except for this blog’s corresponding site 😀 ), and support your local forum.  They are places for thoughtful discussion, well archived information about a variety of subjects, including technical data, build logs, and product reviews. Best of all – many have group builds!

    Scale Modeling Haven recommends the following.

    Aircraft Resource Center – Mostly jet guys these days, but for sheer volume of info – unsurpassed

    The Modeling Madness Forum – Solid, broad range knowledge base, minimal BS –

    Britmodeller – A great place for generalists. Tanks, planes, boats, figures – they’re all there, and more.  A good-natured crowd. Great place for well run group builds. Beware of the easily offended moderator.

    Unofficial Airfix Modelers Forum – Don’t let the name fool you, all kinds of modeling is welcome here. The regulars have a deep appreciation for classic British kits, without fetishizing them, like some of their competing forums do.  These guys take a more laid back approach to modeling, some might call them amateurish, but there is plenty of talent if you look. You won’t find many rivet counters or “Experten” here.

    International Scale Modeller Forum – I’m still feeling my way around this one. This is a generalist forum, but the car modeling section seems especially active, and there is a lot of great talent there. At the same time, there IS such a thing as a stupid question, and this place is a nexus for them. Nevertheless, it seems like a fun place to visit.


Pardon our dust

I am rebuilding, rebranding, and relaunching this blog. Henceforth it will be known as the Scale Modeling Haven. Its primary purpose is to serve as a digital gallery of my own work, as I am getting into the habit of discarding older models to make room for newer stuff as my skills improve. I want a place where my old builds can continue to live, in the form of photos taken, when they were still fresh and new.

I also want to use this page to provide reviews of kits which I found to be particularly enjoyable.

You might find some mean spirited rants, politics, religion, and the generalized bitching of a high-functioning depressive. In a sense – this is going to be my anti-forum. Hold on to your butts, or whatever.

In the meantime though, I would be happy if somebody can help me figure out how to set up the menu function in WordPress. I want to have a main header menu where people can click on a gallery page, a reviews page, a build logs page, and a how-to page.

I have purchased a Smugmug plan to host my images, and would like to link the gallery page directly to there. Is that possible?

Its been a long time

Hello readers,

Its been a bit of time since I have posted anything on this page. This mainly on account of the fact that I haven’t been building much in the way of what I would call classic kits for a while now. I have been working on a number of modeling projects, but most have been newer kits like the Airfix Spitfire Mk I in 1/72.

This is a lovely little kit, which costs next to nothing, and is easy to build into a very presentable model of what is perhaps the most attractive aircraft to ever have flown.


The kit took perhaps a week to build and paint, and I really have no complaints about it.

I didn’t use any filler, the level of detail was more than sufficient for this scale, and Airfix seems to finally be getting control on the panel line widths in their newer releases. Some may argue the lines are still too deep, but I think their depth negates the need for washes or any some such.

This kit really shows what Airfix is capable of, and puts some of their other newer releases to shame. Word is out on the street that an Mk I/II kit is now available. It is essentially the same mould, with some new optional parts and decals. I certainly think it is worth purchasing.

I will end this post by asking if any of you are familiar with setting up a thumbnail gallery in wordpress. The gallery page is getting ungodly long, and I don’t really want to set up multiple gallery pages. I would greatly appreciate any help

First build of 2011 completed

January of 2011 has been a strange month in terms of model building. I spend the first two weeks waffling from one project to another, unsure what to devote my efforts and time to. This was followed by a week or two of several setbacks, and an ever shrinking will to continue working on anything. So I opted for a kit that would fit well, and have a simple finish. I chose the 1/72 Academy P-40E. I suppose the kit is too young to qualify as a classic. It was produced in the Mid 1990s when Academy finally started to come into its own.

The kit is not perfect, as it has shape problems, and the decals were somewhat problematic. Still, this kit is just what the doctor ordered.

So, if you are a reader in the future, reading this many years since 2011, go ahead and consider this kit a classic.