What to Do with a Bad Kit Part III

Welcome back readers (both of you) to the final installment of the IL-2N build. In this section I’ll discuss briefly how I created the final details on the kit before it was painted. The main feature of this model was the A/I radar. I wanted something resembling the wing mounted units on US Navy nightfighters […]

What to do with a bad kit. Part The Second

Welcome back to the IL-2N build. This installment will focus on fuselage construction. I glued the two fuselage halves together and made sure they lined up as close to perfect as possible. It’s better to have a gap then a step. A step occurs when one half of the fuselage sits higher or lower than […]

What to do with a bad kit

I picked up this 1/72 scale IL-2 by Airfix several weeks ago and was pretty disappointed with what was inside the box. As much as I enjoy Airfix, I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and say they are without fault. This is one of their very early kits, and it while it […]