Academy F-4B in Progress

Ever since I’ve finished the IL-2 kits last month, I’ve been opening and closing boxes, but just haven’t felt inspired to work on anything. Then about three weeks ago I pulled out the Academy F-4B that I began working on earlier this year. Its been a slow going, very careful project, but its just what I needed. Its a challenging but not frustrating model, and every little bit I add is a little triumph.

As a reminder, here is where I had left things back in March or whenever it was.

As the year went on I dabbled with the kit here and there, but it was really back in the middle of October that I began to focus on the model. Then  I spent the last two weekends painting the kit.

I started the decals this weekend. It took two evenings to finish the zillion little stencils on the bottom of the fuselage. I hope to have the rest finished by the following weekend.

Then there are a million other little tasks before I can call this project done, but I’m in no hurry to finish.¬† I’m recovering from the build quickly disorder I suffered from over the last few years.
Being away from home three nights a week for work, for the last month has helped keep me away from the desk, and has kept the project fresh.